Frequently Asked Questions:

Are the minis full grown? Yes, they are!

What’s the difference between miniature horses and ponies? The International Federation for Equestrian Sports classifies a Pony as a horse that is less than 59 tall at the withers.  The American Miniature Horse Registry (AMHR) classifies miniature horses as those less than 38 inches tall at the withers.

Do the minis live in your house? Are they housebroken? We have heard of people having minis live inside their homes; ours do not. Our minis have stalls and runs in a nice barn with fans and water and clean bedding. However, miniature horses can be trained to not “go” while inside a building, or a non-designated place.

Can they be ridden? While not large enough to be ridden by a person, these little horses can be trained to pull a small cart with up to 2 people in it.

Do they bite or kick? Our miniature horses are trained to not bite or kick while in therapy sessions, or around people and other animals.  They do love to run and buck when they are playing though!

What do they minis eat? Just as other horses, they eat hay and grain.

How are they transported? We transport single minis in a Honda Odyssey minivan, lovingly dubbed the “Mini Mover.” If we are taking more than one, we use a regular horse trailer to transport them.

How can I volunteer with Tiny Spirits? Please keep checking this site for Volunteer opportunities for 2020!

How can I make a donation to Tiny Spirits? Simple! Just find the “donate” button located at the bottom of our website, or click here. All donations will go directly towards feeding and caring for our minis, or paying for transport costs to get them to their volunteer sessions.